Life updates: The Sloth In Costume

Just to make everything clear, my life updates will mostly consist of funny or interesting stories of small events that have currently happened in my life. You know, tiny details and stuff that’s fun to retell in writing to others.

This is the story about The Sloth In Costume, something that actually happened today on my way home from work. It was super hot outside, and I was standing at the bus stop with no shadow in sight, slowly melting in my black working clothes. The bus was late, and I already knew that it was going to be full. There’s a zoo in my neighbourhood, and this exact bus is the only way of reaching it from the train station. As it’s high season during summers, you can just imagine yourself how I was feeling about it.

The bus arrives. Finally. Stepping onto the bus is like walking into a hot wall of humans. No place to sit. I guess I’ll just stand by this old man who seems like he’s deep down in a conversation with the bus driver about how he used to be a bus driver. Well, I suppose the sign above his head with the text ”Do not talk to the driver while bus is in motion” is rather small. The bus turns and I nearly falls over. I grab a handle on someones seat but instantly regretts it as it’s kind of sticky. Now I just wants to disinfect my entire arm.

Then I suddenly see it. A woman in her thirties sits on the front seat, just beside me. She’s on her phone, and has brought a little green mechanic fan to keep her cooled down (which I’m by the way very jealous about). A large tatoo covers her left arm.

It’s a sloth. A sloth in a striped costume, surronded by blue flowers and the text ”Live Slow, Die Whenever”.

Even though I’m a sweaty, tired mess, I actually smile.

Just the idea of combining that tatoo is true art.


I don’t know how much you might need or want to know about me, but here’s some info for whoever wants it:

I’m a girl currently living in Sweden, but with plans to live somewhere else in the future. My main interest is not actually writing, it’s to travel the world.

Or at least to dream about it.

I also have these a bit mixed topics of interests, from important stuff as global press freedom and equality to clever books, artwork, poems, tv-series and films.

Follow me here for short stories, poems, updates on my life and random brainstorming!

And here we are…


Welcome to my little den of ideas and unfinished writing projects. Please take a seat, and go get yourself some tea or something. Maybe even some chocolate, if you can find some. I think you’re worth it, just for finding your way here.

First of all, don’t expect anything any other blogger do. Don’t expect any proffesional photographs or fancy fashion hauls. Mostly cause I suck at photography and I have no sense for either clothes or makeup. I don’t really have any talents, if I think about it. I’m not a prodigy, and I don’t consider myself as some great writer of any kind.

I just like to write. And I want to be good at it. So if you decide to actually stick around for a while, then thank you. Nice to meet you, whoever you are.

…and you may call me Mie.